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4월 19일 (화)



Kong OSS vs Kong Enterprise Gateway

Understand the key differentiators and adventages of Kong Enterpise Software

티켓은 별도 판매하지 않는 회원사 전용 세미나입니다.
 Kong OSS vs Kong Enterprise Gateway
 Kong OSS vs Kong Enterprise Gateway

시간 및 장소

2022년 4월 19일 오후 5:00 GMT+9


이벤트 소개

With more than 200 million downloads and more than 41,000 stars on GitHub, the open source Kong Gateway is the most popular API gateway in the world. Kong Gateway is lightweight and optimised for microservices, delivering unparalleled latency performance and scalability.  Join the upcoming webinar to learn more about the key differences between Kong OSS and Kong Enterprise Gateway.  Kong Enterprise extends Kong Gateway with enterprise features and support. The top reasons customers choose Kong Enterprise are to decentralise applications and services, provide security and governance, and create a developer platform. Kong accelerates your journey to microservices. Kong Enterprise extends the Kong Gateway with support for the latest protocols and sophisticated traffic management capabilities. Kong Enterprise includes technical support to mitigate risk in case of service disruptions or outages.  Register now to gain first hand insights on the key differentiators and benefits of Kong Enterprise Gateway from Sven Walther, Principal Solutions Engineer here at Kong.

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